Company profile

I. History 

  • Constituted in 1991; soon after "Velvet Revolution" finishing communist regime in the country, during which private business was not allowed. Original main activities: providing full range legal and commercial services to foreign entrepreneurs interested in developing their business activities in new Czechoslovakia and its legal follower Czech Republic
  • From 1992 the law enabled private enterprising in the area of “special material” (e.g. arms, ammunition, military equipment and related items and services) and MPI gradually began to fully specialize in this branch, leaving the other activities behind.
  • In 1993 Czechoslovakia split into Czech and Slovak Republic and mutual trade between the two new countries changed from domestic to foreign. This situation brought MPI new challenges in terms of mediating and administrating foreign trade transactions between Czech MoD and Slovak industries, as MoD could not enter into these transactions itself, for legal reasons.
  • In 2004 MPI has acquired its first manufacturing facility, the arms factory with long-term tradition ZVI a.s. (formerly Zbrojovka Vsetin).
  • In 2006 the MPI split into two independent companies MPI Group and MPI CZ, where MPI Group continues the previous main activities and holding of ZVI and MPI CZ runs segment of sporting and hunting arms (civilian market) but handguns and special accessories for official customers as well.
  • In 2007 MPI sold its daughter company ZVI to its owner and thereby MPI and ZVI became sister companies, having the same 100% owner.
  • Throughout existence of MPI the company focused on cooperation with Czech Law Enforcement, Czech Special Forces, Czech Army, Czech & Slovak manufactures and numerous customers and suppliers in the defense and airspace sector worldwide, successfully accomplishing lots of smaller or bigger, up to highly prestigious projects.
  • Presently MPI Group Ltd. belongs amongst Czech leaders in the defense & security branch.

II. Basic company data & outlines

  • Year of Constitution: 1991
  • Legal Form: Company Private Limited
  • Ownership: Private 100% Czech owner
  • Loans, Mortgages and other external capital: NIL
  • Indebtedness: NIL
  • Losses since constitution: NIL
  • Daughter companies: Omniqa a.s.
  • Sister companies: ZVI a.s.
  • Freely Associated companies within group: MPI CZ Ltd.
  • Employees in 2009: 20
  • Total employees in group in 2009: 100

III. Companies within the group: cister & daughter companies

  • The owner of MPI Group Ltd is 100% shareholder of the Vsetin armory ZVI Corp., traditional manufacturer of medium calibre weapons & ammunition and other products for special usage, as well as products for the military aviation (e.g. Plamen Aircraft 20 mm Cannon & ammunition, Falcon .50 cal. Sniper rifle, pyro-cartridges and Kevin back-up pistols). For more details see the part “ZVI Corp. Basic Information”
  • MPI Group Ltd is 100% shareholder of the company Omniqa Corp. This company is used for provision and administration of immobile property, manufacturing equipment and for business of civilian nature.
  • MPI Group Ltd. itself covers all commercial activities for the group, particularly foreign trade in military equipment & services, but also investments within the branch.